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Some Things About The Light Afternoon

The Light Afternoon are Annette Appleton & Stephen Newland, they create music and art, they are currently based in Dorset UK, not by intention, more by circumstance. They are getting older, not very cool or hip or whatever passes in 2024 for cool and hip. They like animals such as Cats, Birds and Guinea Pigs.

Their fourth and latest album 'Estanyo Nord' was released in December 2021. 'The History Of Mr Puffin Man' was released in 2017, 'Among The Family Tree' was released in March 2014, their first album 'My Parallel Life' was released in December 2012.

'Estanyo Nord' and 'The History Of Mr Puffin Man' are available on CD direct from www.thelightafternoon.com and can be listened to and bought as downloads on thelightafternoon.bandcamp.com

All four albums are available for streaming/downloads from, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer etc. Just search for The Light Afternoon on your favourite digital music provider.

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